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Whether you’re looking for love or a few fun dates, there are tons of sites you can venture to. But not every dating site is available in Colombia, and if you’re specifically looking for a Colombian partner, you need a dating site that sets you up for success. That’s exactly what these sites do.

The Best Dating Site in Colombia: Colombian Cupid

This is by far our number one dating site if you’re looking for a Columbian partner. They have affordable pricing options, a platform that is incredibly easy to use, and even custom matching algorithms to speed the process along and smooth out bad matches!

How Much Does Colombian Cupid Cost?

There are three plans to choose from on Colombian Cupid. The standard plan is entirely free, but you’ll only be able to communicate with paid members. Furthermore, you won’t get access to any advanced matching algorithms, and you can’t live chat via instant messenger with any members.

While the free standard service is excellent to get your feet wet and see if you like the service, you’ll likely need to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum plan.

The Gold plan has three different pricing options: $29.98 per month, $59.99 for three months, or $199.98 for a full year membership.

The Gold plan unlocks instant messaging, allows you to communicate with free members, and gets you an ad-free experience. However, you still won’t get access to any matching algorithms.

To do that, you’ll need a Platinum plan. The Platinum plan starts at $34.99 a month, but they have a 3-month subscription available for $69.98 and a full year plan available for $149.99.

You’ll get a larger profile space, exclusive search features, and VIP profile highlighting in addition to their advanced matching algorithms.

How Easy is Colombian Cupid to Use?

What really sets Colombian Cupid ahead of their peers is how user friendly the platform is. It’s insanely easy to get started. They have multiple mobile apps, and if you purchase a Gold or Platinum membership, communication is easy too!

Even better, with the built-in site translator, it’s never been easier to communicate in another language. Whether you’re struggling with a single word or are still mastering the language, Colombian Cupid makes it easy to communicate.

What Devices Does Colombian Cupid Work On?

Colombian Cupid doesn’t offer any compatibility features until you upgrade to a Platinum membership. From there, they provide an outstanding customizable search feature and even offer an advanced algorithm to help you find your perfect match!

The Best Matchmaking Service in Colombia: My Columbian Wife

If you’re tired of the dating game and want some help finding the perfect match for you, My Colombian Wife is an excellent matchmaking service. They’ll work with you to find the perfect match and set up a tour in Colombia for you to meet in person! It’s an incredible premium service for those that can afford it.

How Much Does My Colombian Wife Cost?

My Columbian Wife is a different style of dating site, and the price reflects that. My Columbian Wife is a service that takes the online experience and turns it into an in-person one. They act as a professional matchmaking service that sets you up with your potential match – in person.

Because of this, the pricing varies depending on your location, and it’s not cheap. That’s because every payment you make goes towards the price of your tour in Bogota, Columbia. Not only will you need to pay for a passport and plane tickets, but you’ll also have to pay for the hotel costs and matchmaking fees.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship with a Colombian woman, My Colombian Wife offers a phenomenal deal with a high price tag.

How Easy is My Colombian Wife to Use?

There’s a lengthy registration process for My Colombian Wife, but the matchmaking process itself is relatively simple. You’ll work with a matchmaking team with several live interviews, and they’ll pair you up with a match.

So, it’s a long process to get set up, but it’s the easiest way to find a match and get to meet them in person!

What Devices Does My Colombian Wife Work On?

My Colombian Wife offers the most through compatibility features in the industry. That’s because it’s a full-blown matchmaking service, not just a basic dating site. They consider various factors, from age to personal preferences. Everything goes into trying to find you a perfect match!

Run by the same company as Colombian Cupid, many of the perks are the same. However, as the name implies, it doesn’t just draw from Colombia, but from all of Latin America. If you are looking exclusively for a Colombian, this site is still worth checking out in conjunction with Colombian Cupid.

That’s because while you’ll see some overlapping of individuals, other individuals will be entirely new. So, if you’re looking for more people to choose from, sign up for both sites!

How Much Does Latin American Cupid Cost?

Pricing is identical to Colombian Cupid. You do not get a discount for having accounts on both sites. However, if you find a match on one site, you can always search for them on the other site to communicate if you only have one paid account!

How Easy is Latin American Cupid to Use?

Just like Colombian Cupid, Latin American Cupid is straightforward to use. You can browse matches for free and even communicate with paid members without ever spending a dime! They have mobile apps and secured messaging built right into the app.

Furthermore, Latin American Cupid has a built-in translator built right into the platform. So, whether you’re struggling with getting a complex idea across or you’re still learning Spanish, Latin American Cupid can smooth everything out for you!

What Devices Does Latin American Cupid Work On?

There are no compatibility features built into Latin American Cupid unless you upgrade to the Platinum service. From there, they allow you to utilize customizable search functions and even use an advanced matching algorithm to help speed the process along!

Here is a more detailed LatinAmericanCupid dating site review.

One Final Colombian Dating Site: Badoo

Badoo is a great dating site that allows you to browse profiles in a no-pressure environment. While it’s not as put together as Colombian Cupid, it’s still an excellent service with tons of users worldwide.

How Much Does Badoo Cost?

Badoo offers a few different options for you to choose from when you create an account. First, you have a completely free account through the site, but you’ll only be able to message premium members, and they limit you on the number of features you can use.

If you’re looking to get a little more out of the service, there are two different ways to upgrade the service. First, you can upgrade to a premium account. They offer three different pricing options, with the one-month plan starting at $12.99.

From there, they offer a 3-month subscription for $31.99 and a 6-month subscription for $47.99. Premium services unlock the ability to chat with any users on the site, increase your profile’s visibility, see who added you to their favorites list, view who liked you, and so much more!

However, even their premium service doesn’t unlock everything. If you want access to advanced features, you’ll have to purchase credits. Credits act as in-app currency to unlock premium features.

These features include the ability to jump the queue on search results, show up first, raise your chat quota, and increase your Badoo Encounters quota. You can also use credits to send gifts to other members but be careful of scammers when using this feature on the site.

Overall, this makes Badoo a potentially pricey option, but if you stick solely to the premium account, it’s an affordable deal.

How Easy is Badoo to Use?

Badoo offers an extremely easy to use the site, whether you’re looking for a friendship or a partner. You can quickly login and logout and they have mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. The only drawback to Badoo is the actual profile pages.

They are far too simple, clunky in appearance, and almost impossible to make aesthetically appealing. While this isn’t a huge issue, it can be a hindrance to the site. Finally, the limitations on simultaneous chats can make the site a bit cumbersome to handle at times.

What Devices Does Badoo Work On?

Badoo offers a few unique compatibility features for you to pick from. First, they offer a “Badoo Encounters” experience to match you with other individuals on the site. It also allows other users to rate profile pictures to bring the most popular accounts to the top.

Another unique feature is the “lookalike” feature. If you see a user and are looking for other people that look like them, the lookalike feature searches the site for users with similar features.

Here’s a more detailed Badoo dating site review.

The Best Casual Colombian Dating App: Tinder

If you’ve ever considered online dating, you’ve heard of Tinder. It’s one of the most common dating apps in the world. But truthfully, it’s more of a hookup app than a dating app. But if you’re not looking for anything serious, this might be precisely what you’re looking for.

How Much Does Tinder Cost?

Free. Tinder is entirely free for most features. But if you’re looking for unlimited swipes or more visibility, they offer a few different pricing plans. First, they charge you more if you’re over the age of 30.

For those 30 and under, they charge $14.99 a month for Tinder Gold, $52.98 for a six-month subscription, and $83.04 for a 12-month plan. For Tinder Plus, it’s a bit cheaper at $4.99 a month, $18 for 6-months, and $27.96 for a year-long plan.

However, if you’re over the age of 30, those prices skyrocket. The monthly cost for Tinder Gold balloons to $29.99, the 6-month plan to $112.99, and the annual plan to $149.99 if you’re over 30. While Tinder Plus is a bit more affordable, it’s still higher than for those under 30 at $19.99 a month, $74.99 for six months, and $99.99 for a 12-month plan.

How Easy is Tinder to Use?

The appeal of Tinder is that it’s so easy to use. All you need to do is logon and swipe left or swipe right. If both of you connect, then you can start messaging! It’s hard to find an easier to use platform.

What Devices Does Tinder Work On?

Tinder isn’t known for compatibility; it’s known for physical attraction. You make decisions based on a picture and a quick text blurb, and not much else. Tinder does not offer any matchmaking features either.

Here is a more detailed Tinder dating app review.

The Best Colombian Dating App for Women: Bumble

Bumble is almost identical to Tinder, but with one big catch. The female member must always initiate communication. Female members love the extra privacy it gives them, as they don’t have to communicate with anyone they don’t want to.

How Much Does Bumble Cost?

Just like Tinder, Bumble has a free platform and a paid service. Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium. Bumble Boost allows you to rematch with expired matches and see everyone who has swiped right on your profile.

Bumble Premium gives you access to unlimited advanced filters, a travel mode, the ability to extend your time with current matches, and unlimited swipes.

Bumble Boost has four pricing options, starting at $7.99 a week. From there, they offer a monthly plan for $14.99, a 3-month plan for $29.99, and a 6-month plan for $47.99. Bumble Premium starts at $17.99 a week, the one-month plan is $32.99, a 3-month subscription is $66.99, and their lifetime plan is $199.99.

How Easy is Bumble to Use?

Just like Tinder, Bumble is extremely easy to use. However, keep in mind that only females can initiate communication. So, if you’re a female who likes the man to approach you first, or a male who wants to make the first move, Bumble won’t work for you.

What Devices Does Bumble Work On?

Just like Tinder, Bumble has minimal compatibility features. You swipe-based off of appearance and a minimal profile description. From there, everything is up to you during the messaging process!

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

Whether you’re new to the online dating world or are looking to take your accounts to the next level, there are a few dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of. Not only will these things improve your chances of connecting with someone, but they’ll also keep you out of trouble with moderators!

If you want to check out some other popular dating sites, check out this list of apps.

Never Send Money to Anyone

If anyone ever asks for you to send them money, it’s a red flag – even if you’ve video chatted with them before. Let the site moderator know and leave the connection. Unfortunately, scammers are a huge part of the online dating world, and if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect yourself, it’s only a matter of time until you get burned.

Take the Perfect Profile Picture to Set Yourself Apart

It’s the first impression that the online dating world is going to have of you! Make sure it’s an excellent first impression and that they’ll look further into your profile after seeing it. Taking and finding the perfect profile picture can take a bit of work, but there are a few tricks you can use to speed the process along.

First, make sure the lighting is good. If the other user can’t make out your features, your profile picture is no good. Furthermore, always make eye contact with the picture. Otherwise, you’re putting off a bad vibe without realizing it.

If you’re unsure how to take the perfect picture, why not hire a professional photographer to help you out?

Fill Out Your Entire Profile – And Be Honest!

If someone clicks on your profile and sees a bunch of blank questions, they’re bound to move on as you are seen as closed off and distant. But if they check out your profile and see you have a ton of things in common, they’ll be far more likely to reach out!

Just be sure, to be honest in your profile, or else you’re just wasting everybody’s time. You want to find someone you can genuinely connect with and be a perfect match. Starting with lies is a surefire way for things to fail.

Take Your Time to Find the Perfect Match

When you log in to the site, don’t expect to find the love of your life the very first day or on the very first connection. While it might happen, it’s far more likely that it will take you a few tries.

Take the time necessary to find your perfect match, and don’t settle for the first thing to come your way unless it’s perfect. Take your time to develop your relationship before taking the next steps; there’s nothing wrong with taking things slow, especially online!

Always Treat People with Respect

It shouldn’t need to be said, but it does. When you’re online, treat everyone with respect. If you’re not interested in them, you don’t need to engage, but you shouldn’t be downright rude either. Don’t send them unsolicited pictures of your private regions, and don’t demand that they do the same.

Just because they’re on a dating website doesn’t mean they’re open to anything. Take the time to get to know them and treat them like a person. If that’s too much for you, then stay off the site.

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The Final Point About Colombian Dating Sites

Online dating is the way of the future. It gives you the ability to connect with individuals all over the world, and in today’s world, it no longer carries the stigma that it used to.

So, put yourself out there and see what the rest of the world has to offer! Who knows, you might just find the love of your life and make your own happily ever after.

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