Chilean Men: Dating a Chilean Man

Dating outside of your culture can be tough. The attraction part is easy, but the rest of it can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Whether you’ve recently met a Chilean man and thinking of pursuing a romantic relationship, or if you’re headed to Chile and want to be prepared in case someone asks you out, read on to find out everything you need to know about dating a Chilean man.

What Are Chilean Guys Like?

Before you get involved with a Chilean man, you need to know what they’re like. While you’ll find differences from one person to another, there are a few traits you can expect from most Chilean men.

Looks and Style

Chilean men are known for their good looks. If you’re looking for tall, dark, and handsome, then Chile is the place to go. The country boasts famous heartthrobs like Pedro Pascal and Santiago Cabrera. You’ll also find some Chilean guys with fair skin and hair and blue eyes due to intermingling with other cultures.

Chilean guys are also well-known for their keen sense of style. They like to look put together, so you can expect your date to show up in well-fitted, stylish duds instead of slouchy cargo pants and a baseball cap. Chilean men are also fastidious about proper skin and hair care, and many put in quite a few hours at the gym.

Neat Freaks

Not only are Chilean men obsessed with their own appearance, they like their surroundings to be tidy as well. They’ll keep their rooms spotless with everything in its place. If you’re messy and invite him over to your place, try to pick up before he comes; otherwise, you may get a few eye rolls.


Chilean guys are open and friendly. Many of them have a large group of close friends, and they’ll have no problem bringing you along to hang out. Chilean men are funny and passionate; don’t be surprised if he recites some Pablo Neruda poetry to you. Neruda, considered one of the most romantic poets of all time, hailed from Chile.

Chilean guys can also be manly. They enjoy doing things for you, such as lifting heavy things, to assert their strength. They can also be overprotective at times. You may feel slightly offended and even annoyed, but just remember that this behavior is part of their culture and know that he still has a deep respect for you.

Chilean Men Can Be Emotional

Chilean guys tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They can get incredibly upset if you’re facing a separation, even if it’s only for a week or two.

On the other hand, you can also see their tempers flare quite easily. They can go from perfectly fine one moment to shouting at the television in a rage over a soccer call the next. While Chileans rarely get violent, they can let their temper get away from them and may be quick to anger.

Family and Friends

Relationships of all kinds are important to Chilean men, and most are incredibly close to their families. You can expect lots of family gatherings. Chilean men are also mama’s boys, so make sure to get in good with his mother.

Honesty and Loyalty Are Important

Chileans are pretty straightforward people. Chileans guys expect honesty in all of their relationships, both romantic and friendly. They don’t appreciate playing games, so you’ll get a lot further just saying what you’re thinking and feeling.

They also expect loyalty. Once you’ve decided to be in a relationship, the two of you are exclusive. Don’t be surprised if he gets incredibly jealous if you even speak to another man.

What to Expect When You Date a Chilean Man

Once you’ve started dating a Chilean man, you likely want to know what to expect. There will obviously be differences when dating someone from another culture. Sometimes you may find these differences refreshing from what you’re used to, while other times, these differences can be challenging. Once you know what to expect, you’ll be ready for whatever your new relationship may face.

Expect PDAs

If you’re not used to a lot of PDAs, get ready. Chilean guys have no problem hugging, kissing, and touching you wherever you may be. When Chilean guys fall for a woman, they fall hard, and they have no problem showing it to the world.

You may feel uncomfortable at first, but if you take a look around, you’ll notice that most couples in Chile are highly affectionate with one another, even in public. It’s pretty much the norm, so you shouldn’t feel out of place. Instead, enjoy the attention and know that your Chilean guy is mad about you.

There’s a Good Chance He Still Lives at Home

Property prices are high in Chile, especially in the cities. As a result, many Chileans live with their parents until they are ready to get married and start their own family. In some cases, Chileans continue to live with their parents even after marriage. While living at home is often driven by finances, Chilean men are very close to their families.

If you date a Chilean guy, plan to spend many nights at your place, unless you want to hang out with his parents. Sleepovers aren’t a great idea unless you plan to sneak out the window because most Chilean families are strictly Catholic and won’t approve of their unmarried son having an overnight guest.

One of the main reasons you’ll see so many couples canoodling in public in Chile is because they can’t do it at home. It’s not uncommon to see couples making out on public lawns, benches, and more. Chile is also full of cheap hotels for this very reason.

Get Ready to Go Out and Dance

Chilean men love to go clubbing, and while they’re not as skilled on the dance floor as some of their South American neighbors, they still know how to get down. Your Chilean date will be thrilled to get you out on the dance floor and show you his best moves. Any time you want to go out, he’s down.

Just remember that you’re going to be there for a while once you go to the club. Chileans like to party, and they can go all night. You won’t be popping in for a drink or two and then heading out. You’ll need to pace yourself. Think of clubbing in Chile as a marathon, not a race.

Don’t Expect Expensive Dates – But Expect a Lot of Fun

Most Chilean men are fairly cheap when it comes to dates. If you’re hoping for a guy to give you a romantic weekend at a five-star hotel, expensive gifts, or dinners at fancy restaurants, you probably won’t get that from your Chilean boyfriend.

That’s not to say Chilean men aren’t romantic. In fact, they’re quite romantic. They just don’t show their affection through spending money. Instead, they’ll give you lots of cuddles, say sweet things, and surprise you with thoughtful gestures.

Since Chilean guys aren’t all about spending money, you’ll have to get creative when it comes to dates. You may have a picnic in the park or a romantic hike instead of the typical date night outings. One thing is for sure, your time with a Chilean guy will never be boring.

You’ll Get a Lot of Personal Questions (and a Lot of Personal Answers)

As we said, Chileans are an open, honest people. You can expect your Chilean boyfriend to be an open book with you. Ask him whatever you want, and he’s likely to give you a straightforward answer. That can be refreshing after men who may play mind games with you.

On the flip side, a Chilean man will also expect you to be honest with him. He’ll ask you all sorts of personal questions, maybe even when it’s still the early days in your relationship. He’s not being rude. That’s par for the course with Chileans. Don’t be offended; answer as honestly as possible, and he’ll appreciate your candor.

Be Ready to Be Spoiled

Chilean men love to spoil their girlfriends. As we said earlier, they’re not into spending a lot of money on dating or their significant others, but you can bet your boyfriend will put in the time and effort to make you feel special. While you may not get flowers or a box of chocolate, he may give you little presents “just because.”

You can also expect lots of attention and plenty of touching. When you talk, your Chilean man will listen. He’ll also do all sorts of gentlemanly things, like holding the door open for you.

Courteous, But Can Be Late

While Chilean men are the utmost gentleman and will treat you with respect and kindness, you can never expect him to be on time. If you have a date planned for 7:00 PM, don’t be surprised if he shows up close to 8:00. If you’re not used to this sort of behavior, you may think that you’re being stood up.

To understand their particular quirk of your Chilean boyfriend’s, you need to have a deeper understanding of Chilean culture. While some cultures consider punctuality an essential train and lateness to be the height of rudeness, Chileans simply don’t think that way. Chilean life moves at a slower pace than other cultures.

Thus, if your Chilean boyfriend shows up late, it’s important to know that he’s not being rude, he’s not standing you up, and he’s still very interested in you. Agreed-upon times just have a different meaning for him. When you say, “Let’s meet at seven,” he hears, “Let’s meet up sometime this evening.” If you really do need to meet at a certain time, then be specific.

Things May Move Quickly – But It Doesn’t Mean It’s Forever

If you’re used to men who take things slowly, who seem shy when it comes to talking about commitment, then you may be surprised by your new Chilean boyfriend. Things may move at a rapid pace that you’re not used to.

For example, he may introduce you to his friends, his parents, and a slew of relatives after only a few dates. You may be invited to big family get-togethers and welcomed with open arms, but be aware that Chileans are incredibly welcoming. He’s not necessarily introducing you to his family as the woman he plans to marry.

He may even say, “I love you,” much earlier than men from other cultures. While it may seem like things are moving fast, be aware that it’s not a signal that this relationship is forever. Chilean guys are emotional, and he may fall for you quickly, but the relationship can come to an end just as fast.

You May Not Like the Nicknames

While some boyfriends may have adorable pet names for their girlfriends that convey how beautiful and special they think they are, don’t expect that from a Chilean guy. Nicknames may be a bit more derogatory, such as calling you his “chubby little one.”

Before you get offended, this and other nicknames that may seem like insults are actually quite common with Chilean men. It’s not meant to offend you at all. Instead, it’s meant to be cute and affectionate. Still, if it touches a nerve, bring it up with your man. He’ll be willing to cut it out if it upsets you.

Your High School Spanish May Not Get You Far

Even if you were president of your high school Spanish club, you still might have trouble speaking Spanish with your Chilean man. Chilean Spanish is infused with many slang words, to the point that you may have trouble understanding what he’s saying, even if your Spanish is good. You may start to pick some of it up over time.

The good news is that many Chilean guys do speak some English, so you should be able to communicate about the basics, at least. As your relationship goes on, you can teach each other new words in your home languages until you have your own special way of communicating.

You’ll Have to Try Mote Con Huesillo and a Terremoto

Love it or hate it, you’ll have to try mote con huesillo and at least pretend to like it. It’s one of the most popular beverages in Chile, and it’s made of peaches and husked wheat. It can be a bit intimidating at first, especially when you see the peaches and the husked wheat floating in it. Your boyfriend won’t rest until you try it, though. It can be refreshing, so you may love it.

Another beverage you’ll be introduced to, this one alcoholic, is the terremoto. Its name translates into “earthquake,” and you’ll definitely feel like the ground is moving beneath your feet after just a couple. It’s made with a fermented wine called Pipeño and pineapple ice cream. It’s delicious but also dangerous because you’ll be drunk before you know it.

You’ll have to be careful while drinking with your Chilean boyfriend. Most Chilean men can definitely hold their liquor, knocking them back all night with little or no effect. Just remember to pace yourself instead of trying to keep up.

How to Meet a Chilean Man

If you’re still looking for that perfect Chilean guy to sweep you off your feet, there are many ways to meet one. Since most Chileans love to go clubbing, there will be many men at the clubs, most of them ready and willing to get you on the dance floor.

No matter where you go, it’s important to put yourself out there. Chileans are warm, friendly, and can be very welcoming. It’s best not to set your sights on getting a boyfriend and instead focus on meeting new people and making new friends. Once you have a set of friends, you’ll get invited to parties and to hang out. You’ll be sure to meet a Chilean guy.

You also have the option of checking out a dating site. There are many sites you can choose from, some specific to Chile and others broader. Find someone who looks interesting and send him a message.

If you want to meet Chilean men, here are Chilean dating sites and apps.

Make the First Move

While Chilean guys are macho, they also love when women make the first move. If there’s a guy you’re interested in, simply go up to him and introduce yourself. If you’re looking for something more than friendship, make it clear. He’ll appreciate your honesty and forwardness.

Final Thoughts

Dating a Chilean man can sometimes be a roller coaster, and both of you may face a bit of culture shock, especially if it’s your first experience dating outside of your own culture. Just remember to keep an open mind and focus on what drew you to him in the first place.

If you’re up for a whirlwind romantic adventure complete with lots of PDA, you’ll quickly fall in love with your Chilean boyfriend. These tips can guide you through the rest.











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