Yes, it Really Does for Many (Me Included)

I went and Googled the phrase “ life sucks” and looked at some results on the first page and noticed that all articles are about what to do when your life sucks. No results actually said that Yes, life sucks for many and that’s the reality.

Whether your life sucks because you got divorced, got health problems, lost your job, lost a loved one, are being abused or bullied, are homeless or struggling financially etc. There are many reasons why life sucks for so many. And that feeling is true, you literally feel like your life sucks.

 I also did a search on Google images to see what that search would give me. So one of the quotes on an image there said: “ Life sucks because it’s your fault”. Really??? Who the heck came up with that saying? Not every people are at fault when their life turns around in a bad way. There are so many scenarios where it is not your fault. Granted, sometimes you might do foolish decisions and you end up in a bad situation but for many, they have not been given any choice and their life has started out bad from the beginning.

Life is a journey for everyone to take, but not every individual gets the chance to start this journey. Life isn’t defined by numbers. It’s not defined by how much money you make, or what job you have, or even if your family loves you and supports you in everything you want to do in life. Some people don’t get that chance because when they were born they were unloved and unwanted.

For children who are unloved from the day they’re born, their lives become a constant struggle of pain and sorrow until they turn 18 years old. They often resort to doing the only thing they know: selling drugs or joining gangs. If someone doesn’t intervene quickly enough then these kids will die before adulthood, which means that children who are unloved will never get to experience the good things in life.

There are many reasons why life is bad for so many people. One of the main reasons is poverty. Families living in poverty often can’t afford to buy food, clothing, or shelter. In some cases, children have to work instead of going to school so that they can help their families. This means that they don’t get an education and they’re more likely to end up living in poverty when they grow up.

Another reason why life is bad for so many people is because of violence. Every day, innocent people are killed or hurt because of wars, gangs, or accidents. Some people live in areas where it’s not safe to walk outside at night. Even in some countries where people are not allowed to own guns, violence happens on a daily basis.

For many individuals, life is so bad that they don’t get the chance to enjoy anything good in it. Many adults miss out on experiencing what it’s like to have a family of their own because of war, poverty, or just not meeting the right person. Some people never get the chance to finish high school or college because they’re stuck working instead of building their future. Life can be very tough and no one should ever give up hope on living life and enjoying all the great things about it.

Life sucks for so many because they have health problems, have no money, or have to work too much. The world is just shaped in a way that makes life suck for the majority of people on Earth.

So why are you here reading this article? Does your life suck?

All those self-motivation websites say: “The world is just a cruel place sometimes. It’s hard to see the good in anything when life feels like it’s constantly beating you down. But don’t forget that you’re not alone in this. There are people out there who care about you and want to see you succeed. So please, don’t give up. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can’t see it right now.” Well, what if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. What if you have a terminal illness and you live in pain for the rest of your remaining life? Where is the light then? When you die? When your pain stops? Well, is that the light at the end of the tunnel, when you can’t experience new things or things life has to offer but you have to live in pain and die young? Let’s be real here, for some people, life will suck until they die.

Life just sucks for many, many people. It’s a reality.

The world can be a terrible place sometimes. People live their whole lives in pain and with little happiness, and some people even resorting to taking their own lives. Many families struggle to make ends meet; they can’t afford food or clothing and some children even have to work instead of going to school in order for the family to survive. Violence continues daily: innocent people are killed in wars, accidents occur frequently, gangs damage society, and individuals fight hard just for basic rights such as healthcare. There is no denying that life definitely sucks for the majority of the population.

Let me say this again, for many people, life continues to suck. Life is just unfair. No one deserves to live in pain or with little happiness, but many individuals do.

Many experts will say: “It’s best not to focus on what makes you unhappy because this can lead to depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems that make living your life more difficult. Try focusing on things that make you happy instead. There are also many ways you can help people around you by donating money, food, clothes, etc. We all have different lives but we’re all humans who deserve an equal chance at happiness no matter our background or status. So please stop complaining about your bad situation and do something to make life better for you and others.” How do you feel about that statement? What if you can’t reach the things that make you happy? How are you supposed to do that when you feel stuck or unable to get out of your bad situation? What if you don’t have anything in life that makes you happy?

Some people might find it helpful to think about all of the terrible things that have happened in their life as a way of motivating themselves. This is because it can be easy to feel sorry for yourself and get lost in your own pain. I get that when you’re constantly focusing on how terrible your life is, this will only make you feel worse. It’s important to remember that everyone has difficult times in their lives, but it’s up to you to decide how to react to these situations. What if you just don’t have happy times and you’ve been suffering for years. All you have is your pain and you can’t stop your pain, whether it’s physical or emotional.

My life sucks too

From my own experience, I had a deadbeat dad who left us and never paid child support, cared about me or visited me. He was an alcoholic who at the end of his days was drinking colognes because they were cheaper and still contained alcohol. My mom was irresponsible and left me sometimes for weeks without food when I was a child.

A few years back, I got divorced which was so stressful I almost lost it. It took excruciating 18 months and lots of money to the lawyer. I ended up with a worse outcome than my ex did. Then hit Covid and my business also suffered heavily. All those things were not my fault. Well, a part of my divorce was my fault too, not blaming it all on my ex. 

I am copying and pasting my thoughts and feelings here when I was in the middle of the divorce. I wrote this when I felt so low and had to deal with an ongoing divorce battle:

We were still living in the same house for 6 months after the divorce was filed so things got complicated pretty fast. Tension was high, lots of arguments, yelling, nasty comments etc.. And yes, in front of the kids too. Lots of tears. I tried to hide them from the kids as much as I could but they saw. Often locked myself in the bathroom to cry quietly so kids wouldn’t worry about me. But kids are sensitive, they felt I was sad. One day they drew pictures for me telling me they would love me and soothe me forever. This broke my heart even more because it’s my job to soothe them, protect them and take care of them. Their job is to be kids and not worry about adult problems. I felt like I was failing as a mom. I put the pictures up on my wall in the bedroom and they’re still there 9 months later.

The divorce process is so long. Gathering documents, going back and forth with lawyers, just seems like it’s ongoing hell with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Kids wanted us to stay together, the therapist said it’s normal, that’s what kids usually want. But one ended up suicidal, the other two had problems too. All the kids go to therapy now, including us.

Finally, my soon-to-be ex moved out but the divorce is still ongoing. Honestly, the pain has not diminished. It hurts. It hurts so bad that yesterday I was Googling how to die the most painless way. The search results said it’s with a gunshot in the head, you won’t feel pain and it takes a couple of seconds to die. I don’t own a gun. Never held or shot a gun. I’ve always been afraid of having a gun in the house living with kids. My fear is they will find a way to access it and accidentally shoot someone.

I’m not ashamed to admit that yes, I’ve had suicidal thoughts. The past few days, that’s all that I’ve thought about. The pain has been there for so long that I don’t want to feel anymore. I don’t want to struggle anymore. I don’t want to lose my house, lose my business, lose my kids half the time. I hate starting over. I hate I have to give up a house that has been my home for the last 10 years. It makes me feel sick to my stomach that I might be homeless with 3 young kids. The rent is crazy here and the house prices are close to 7 figures.  I also know that I shouldn’t complain, we have each other (at least half the time) and have our health but it hurts. I can’t just turn off my feelings and not feel devastated and hurt. The pain is real, I feel it. So many times, I just wished to be numb and not feel anything.

I know it’s not the end of the world. I understand there are many people with worse situations. There are people with cancer or terminal illnesses. People who are homeless or people who are being abused. But this is my pain, it’s still real and it hurts.

I live in California and everything is so damn expensive here, I can’t move because I’m going to be stuck here because of the shared custody. I can’t just leave my kids either and move to a cheaper state nor take my kids unlawfully with me. I have to make it here alone now.

I’m still grieving, I went through some of the grieving steps but the pain is still there. The divorce is not over yet. Therapy has helped some but the pain is still there.

We agreed to a week on/week off custody. The first weeks were so hard. I felt so lonely. I didn’t sleep well. I was also afraid being alone in the house too. Slept all lights on downstairs for a month. Still leave the lights on sometimes.

I do think about buying a gun. Even looked up the closest gun stores. So far, what had stopped me from killing myself are my kids. I don’t want to cause this hurt to them. They need their mom, I don’t want to mess up their lives. I need to be strong for them but I’m afraid that one day I can’t take the pain anymore…I feel it’s not just stress anymore, I feel depressed. Never been on antidepressants ever, maybe I should. Maybe now it’s the time to be on them. I have days where I just don’t even want to get up from bed. I’ve fallen to such a dark place with dark thoughts. The fear of moving out of my home and the unknown just scares me and brings me down.

The only thing I’m so afraid of is losing my house. It has created tremendous stress and it weighs me down. Rents are crazy and to be able to even buy something in this area, you need 20% down payment and a huge salary to even qualify to a loan that it’s almost 7 figures. The cheapest houses in my area are 950K.

Now, my divorce has been over for a year now. I got to keep my house so one good thing came out of the divorce but now I’m left with a failing business and have to be scared about how to keep paying my mortgage so I don’t end up homeless with 3 kids. I’m still bitter about the divorce and losing my thriving business. I don’t have suicidal thoughts anymore so I guess that’s another good thing but I still feel like my life sucks.

I’m just wondering how many broken people are out there who go to Google and search the same phrase “ Life sucks”. What are you trying to find when you type that in Google? Are you trying to find the ways to cope with when life sucks or are you trying to find other people whose life sucks too? Or do you want to read their life stories that suck by either trying to comfort yourself that your life is not as bad as yours and someone has it harder, or just taking the comfort of knowing that there are others out there?

Life definitely sucks for so many. And for so many, it doesn’t get better. For some people, it may last 10 years, for some for a lifetime and some luckier ones get a way out of sucky life faster.

We should all be able to experience happiness and live without pain, but that’s not always the case.

So what do you do if life is just bad for you? They say: “You keep going. You don’t give up. You take one day at the time. You find ways to make your situation better, even if it’s just a little bit at a time. You reach out to others who might be in a similar situation or who can help you get through your tough times. And you never stop fighting, because life is worth fighting for, no matter how bad it might seem at times.” Not sure how that applies to people who have a terminal illness and are in pain constantly. I guess I will pray for you then and I’ll pray for all other people who are suffering right now.

I’m sorry if this article doesn’t say anything constructive or be more positive. You don’t probably learn anything from this article. Maybe I just wanted to share my own story because I feel like my life sucks right now. If you want to learn ways to cope when your life sucks then go back and click on the other search results you saw on Google. I have also summarized here what experts have said on what to do when your life sucks:

When your life sucks:

1. You can talk to others who are going through similar struggles.

2. You can work hard to create a better life for yourself.

3. You can find ways to help other people in need instead of focusing on your own problems all the time.

4. You can make plans for the future or learn new things that will make you happier, healthier, and stronger. It’s also important not to lose hope because there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you just keep trying even when it seems impossible.

5. Make your relationships with friends special by spending time together doing fun activities that both of you enjoy.

6. Join clubs or groups that do things that interest you but might be hard for you to do alone. This is a good way to make friends and bond with others who might be going through similar struggles as you are.

7. Try your best at work by giving it 100% even when things get difficult. Keep track of how well you’re doing throughout the year so that you can celebrate whenever tasks go well.

8. Take care of yourself by eating healthy, exercising, sleeping enough hours, meditating or doing yoga, spending time on hobbies that make you happy, etc. You don’t have to go overboard but try to maintain a balance between looking after yourself and taking care of other people’s needs as well.

9. Don’t just focus on your worries because this will only lead to more anxiety and stress. Instead, focus on yourself and on making your life better. You can’t control how other people act or what they say but you can control how you react to these situations so don’t let them get to you.

10. Try to be grateful for the things that are good in your life even when it doesn’t seem like much at first because this will help motivate you and keep a positive mindset going. It’s easy to feel depressed when everything around us is bad but it’s not always going to be this way. There will come a day when we experience happiness again, no matter how dark our lives might have been in the past or maybe in the present moment.

Just let me know why you were searching the phrase “Life sucks” on Google and what were you looking to read.

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