Mindful Parenting

This article originally was published by the Child Mind Institute Cynthia Braun remembers all too well what weekday mornings used to be like at her house. Since her husband had to leave early for work, it was up to Braun, a pediatrician with a practice in Pleasantville, New York, to get Anika and Devon, then 6 […]

Do You People-Please in Your Relationship?

People-pleasing is the act of chronically prioritizing others’ needs, wants, or feelings at the expense of, or to the detriment of, our own needs, wants, or feelings.  Acts of kindness, generosity, and affection are not intrinsically people-pleasing; they’re important aspects of every relationship. These behaviors become problematic when prioritizing others has chronic, negative impacts on […]

Does Your Stepchild Trust You? 

Grace was fourteen years old when her father, John, married Kate. In her view, she had little control over the events unfolding in her life, including her father remarrying and starting a new family quickly. Even though Kate seemed nice enough and she really loved her dad, it still didn’t seem fair to Grace that […]

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