Croatian Men: Dating a Croatian Man

Croatia is a lovely country filled with warm and friendly people. They enjoy eating good food, watching and participating in sports, and taking care of family and friends. While people from Croatia are relatively easy to read, this might not be true when dating a Croatian man. The odds are good you will enjoy dating a Croatian man, so keep your eyes open for the perfect one.

To fully enjoy the experience of dating a Croatian man, you should learn what makes them tick.

Football is Life

Croatian men love football (soccer in the United States). Many play in amateur leagues as a way to stay physically fit and socially engaged. They have a favorite professional club, and it’s most likely either Dinamo Zagreb or Hajduk Split. If you want to impress the man you are dating, you should learn about those football clubs.

Understand that dating a Croatian man means knowing he will want to watch the game, which could be several times per week. And, he will want you to watch it with him. Take the time to learn about football, and your Croatian man will be impressed. If you already like football, you have an advantage.

While your Croatian man watches his favorite football club, he will sing songs and chat cheers when the team scores. Football is popular all over the world, but it seems like Croatians love it just a little more than all of the other countries. Most Croatians came out to cheer on their national team in the last World Cup. You’ll see his passion when he talks about his favorite team.

Proudly Punctual

If you are someone who is late, your Croatian man might not like it. Along with being friendly and kind, Croatians take great pride in arriving on time. For many Croatians, being on time means arriving early. You can trust that your Croatian man will show up when he promises because he was raised to follow through on his time commitments.

Positively Respectful

Croatians, as a whole, have positive character traits. Along with being punctual to a fault, they are also respectful. They also behave with integrity, so you can trust that your Croatian man will respect and appreciate you. They do expect that you will return the respect and integrity they show. He might become upset if you do not treat him the same way he treats you.

It’s All About the Beer

Croatian men love to drink beer, especially while watching the game. Beer drinking is practically like a sport, and they love to drink their beer while watching football and after playing football. There’s a catch to beer drinking, though. Croatian men do not like it when women drink beer. So, if you like beer, you should find something else to drink in your local bar.

He Will Cook for You

Croatian parents teach their children how to cook. So when you are dating a Croatian man, he will cook for you. Croatians love to eat, and they have several delicious classic, cultural dishes like crni rižot with squid or cuttlefish and Zagorski Štrukli made from cheese and dough. Croatians tend to know a handful of dishes, and he will make them for you with great pride.

Interestingly, many Croatian families have someone who makes wine. Along with eating delicious food, you should get to enjoy some homemade wine. Your Croatian man might be involved in growing the grapes, squeezing them, and adding the delicious spices and ingredients. Because it’s Croatian wine, the ingredients will be healthy and organic.

Enjoy the Country

In Croatian, the beaches are beautiful. Many Croatians have homes near the sea, which might make visiting him seem like a free vacation. If he does live near the sea, he will take great pride in bringing you to his home, simply because he will want to show you how lovely Croatia is.

Many people who live outside of Europe do not know much about Croatian and its beautiful features. When you are dating a Croatian man, he will show you his country and the places that have a special meaning to him.

Don’t be surprised if your Croatian man has a relative with a summer home. If you are together during the beautiful and warm Croatian summer, he will bring you to that family home – which probably belongs to his grandmother. You’ll see him interact with his family, and get to see the inside of a traditional Croatian estate.

If the summer home isn’t on the beach, then it will be in the mountains. You’ll get to see lush greenery punctuated with blue water. You might even be able to see nearby countries from the highest peaks. Enjoy the romance and beauty of Croatia, no matter where you happen to go.

Old Fashioned and Unassuming

Despite their style, love of sports, and pride in their nationality, Croatian men can be old fashioned in the way they take care of their dates. Croatian women expect their Croatian men to be respectful and not expect anything that might make women uncomfortable.

Croatian men pay attention to body language, tone, and signals, which is a sign of their gentlemanly upbringing. Many Croatian men can behave respectfully because they know how to date. They will start and continue conversations, plan fun activities, and allow women to be at ease while on the date. They do not make women feel uncomfortable, which is refreshing.

Despite their old-fashioned and unassuming behavior around women, Croatian men appreciate it when women talk to them first. Men don’t expect it, so they enjoy it. When you make the first move to start a conversation and get to know him, you earn a few extra points with him. Your initiative can pay off, as he might rank you higher than girls who don’t talk first.

Remember, though, that Croatian men don’t like overly aggressive women. After you make that first move to start a conversation, the next step is to let him make the next move. He will ask your opinions about where to go and what to do, but he’ll come up with ideas. Choose something you like, so he can get to know you can come up with more fun ideas.

While he is asking you where to go, pick the options that include watching his favorite football club. He’ll appreciate that you are not selfish. If you don’t make the right choice about where to go, he might not ask you out again.

You’ve got to walk a fine line after making that first contact. The old-fashioned Croatian man doesn’t play games, but he likes to have a little challenge. So, don’t be too easy-to-get. He wants to know what you are about, and he likes some mystery. You should have opinions that you can defend with facts, and you should be able to hold an interesting conversation.

Your Croatian man will enjoy bantering with you. If you use facts to support your opinions, he will respect you and find you attractive, mentally and physically.

Once he decides that you are his girl, you can trust he will take care of you. His old-fashioned and respectful side will become protective and sweet. You will be his pride and joy, even more important to him than his favorite football club.

He Appreciates Occasional Space

Dating a Croatian man is so enjoyable that you will want to be with him all of the time. But, once you’ve won his heart, remember that he will need some time with his friends. So do you. Don’t be upset if he asks for a night out – probably to watch the game. Take advantage of some girl time or time to pamper yourself when he wants to hang with the guys.

He Knows Things

Croatians are conversational people who are culturally savvy. They read books, study history, and pay attention to the news. They also love music and tend to know more about the newest tunes compared to the rest of the Western world. Croatians attend concerts and theatrical performances, so getting tickets at the last minute is challenging.

Because Croatians are so culturally aware, you should expect to talk about current events, especially in Croatia and the countries around it. Your Croatian man’s cultural awareness will include concern for the environment, as Croatia has natural landscapes with pristine parks and beaches.

Something else you’ll appreciate about your Croatian man is how much he loves to learn. He might surprise you with his knowledge, but he’s not done learning. He will listen to you, learn from you, and teach you. For Croats, education is important and continuous self-improvement matters.

He Has a Work-Life Balance

As a smart Croatian man, he will take pride in his Croatian attitude toward work and play. He is smart and works the same way. You will never have to ask him why he is spending so much time at work. He will go to work during working hours, that’s it.

He will work to live rather than live to work. When it is time for vacation, he enjoys his holiday. When it is time to relax, he relaxes. You will not see him running around like an overly ambitious American man. He’s comfortable with who he is and does not need to impress.

He Speaks Two or More Languages

Your Croatian man probably has an accent, especially if he was born in the country. Native Croats speak Croatian, and most of them are fluent in English. But, don’t be surprised if he speaks other languages, especially Bosnian and Serbian. He might also speak Italian, as the country is close to the northern border of Croatia.

What does this mean for dating him? He will talk to his fellow Croats in his native tongue, and you won’t understand him (unless you are Croatian, too). He also might try to teach you some Croatian words.

He might have moments where he could struggle to come up with the correct English word for unusual situations. He will appreciate you not laughing at his language errors. Be proud of his multilingual abilities, and encourage him to continue to practice his languages.

Appreciate His Dance Moves

Croats have several traditional dances, and they learn them at a young age. When you are dating a Croatian man, you should expect to go dancing at a club. He won’t do the traditional cultural dances there, but you will quickly see that he has rhythm and moves. For many Croats, dancing is almost as popular as football.

If you don’t have moves to compliment his shimmies and shakes, he will teach you. Let him. He will be kind and encouraging, so you don’t have to be embarrassed by your missing moves.

Croatian Men Are Good In Bed

His ability to dance helps his performance in bed. Dating a Croatian man could make your sex life rather enjoyable, especially because most Croats appreciate sensuality and sex. They like to try new moves and enjoy creative ideas from their partners. His fun personality and respectful demeanor will remain while in bed, which is why people who date Croatian men appreciate their complexity.

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He Takes Care of His Car

Dating a Croatian man means you will see his car. You will quickly learn that he loves his car, no matter what kind of car he has. He will keep it neat and tidy on the inside and spotlessly shiny on the outside. If something goes wrong, he will figure out how to fix it.

You might notice that his car is cleaner than his apartment. This is a common experience for people who are dating a Croatian man. Don’t judge him or insult him on this. On a side note, Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, which is now in Croatia. Environmentally-friendly car lovers can actually buy a Tesla in the country where the namesake was born.

He’ll Be Fun at Croatian Weddings

In general, Croats have fun traditions, and those traditions show up at weddings. Croats love to have their weddings outside, so the weather is important. So, most Croatians plan their weddings during May and June as well as September and October.

While dating a Croatian man, you can expect to attend an entertaining wedding, even if it isn’t in Croatia. You might even attend a non-Croatian wedding with your man, and you can expect him to figure out how to make that wedding memorable. 

Whether at a wedding, a club, or a football game, you will notice quickly that Croats are fun people. His sense of humor will be obvious, and you’ll quickly see his cultural savvy in the jokes he makes. Fortunately, your Croatian man won’t make jokes at your expense – he’ll make friendly and appropriate jokes.

Croats are spontaneous, and they jump at chances to do fun things. They are energetic, creative, humorous, and fun to be with. Your Croatian man will regularly show his lust for life (and for you).

A Croatian Man Will Want You To Look Nice

Croatian men are used to dating women who are pretty. Croatian men tend to notice looks before anything else. They appreciate it when women take time to do their hair, put on makeup, and wear attractive clothing. They like to show you off when you are together. But, when you are with your friends, they’d appreciate it if you didn’t turn it up too much.

When dating a Croatian man, especially a younger one, you will notice that he appreciates when you put on a full face of makeup. Older Croatian men appreciate a lighter hand when it comes to makeup application. Ask him about his makeup preferences, and he will tell you, and he’ll let you know if he likes what he sees.

Learn How To Flirt

Learning how to flirt with your Croatian man will keep your romance interesting. As long as you maintain your sense of confidence, you can wear flirty dresses and bat your eyelashes. However, once you begin to lose your confidence, your Croatian man will know. Read his body language and adjust your flirting accordingly.

Since Croatian men tend to be attractive, they get attention from other women. This is where your sense of confidence in your man loving you matters. Occasionally, Croatian men play the field because they can. Your man will not cheat on you, but if you aren’t “official,” he might break your heart – and the hearts of others, too.

Unless you get stuck with a player, you shouldn’t have problems with your Croatian man having straying eyes. Your confident flirting will keep him interested, especially if he already sees you as someone special.

Dating a Croatian man is a joyful endeavor. You will appreciate what he has to offer in the romance, and he will appreciate you. The most essential thing to do while dating a Croatian man is to let him be himself, and you should do the same. If you show mutual respect, your relationship could last a long time and be thoroughly satisfying.


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