Colombian Men: Dating a Colombian Man

Colombian men are the ultimate swoon-worthy date. They’re good-looking, romantic, and filled with fun and surprises. Whether you are currently in a relationship with a Colombian man or simply love the idea of being with a mysterious and exciting partner, you can learn a lot about what it’s like to date a Colombian man from this article.

These are the Main Characteristics of Columbian Men

When it comes to spotting a Colombian man in the crowd, you may be surprised by how easy it is. Colombian men have a few defining characteristics that set them apart from other Latin American men.

Appearance is Important

Colombian men have thick, dark hair that never seems to lose its color, even as they age. They have dark eyes that radiate mystery and promise deep romance. Colombian men are often very fashionable and care about their appearance. You can expect them to be wearing some of the nicest clothing, even on a casual outing.

They Value Masculinity

Colombian men value masculinity. They enjoy being assertive, strong, courageous, and responsible. They like to compliment feminine attributes as best as possible to offer a more wholesome relationship with their partner. They value being a compliment to their partner’s personalities and aim to please within relationships.

Columbian Men are Smooth-Talking

Several youtube videos and blogs have done their best to prove which Spanish accent is the best. Even the writer of joined in on the conversation! Nearly all have concluded that nothing can compare to the Colombian accent’s fluidity, smoothness, and sensual makings.

Colombian men have a smooth, even voice that is pleasing to the ear. People swoon over their words alone and can’t help being fascinated by the richness of their voice. Colombian men are known to seduce women with words alone, and it’s no surprise considering how deeply sensual and romantic their voices are.

What to Expect When Dating a Colombian Man

When dating a Colombian man, you should expect a life of vibrance, excitement, and ultimate relaxation. These men are “go-with-the-flow” types who enjoy an adventure. They strive to experience life and are unafraid to chase after what they want (especially if you are their current desire).

Romance is Key

Colombian men are some of the most romantic men on the planet. They love sensuality and are unafraid to seduce their woman in a poetic, soft, and romantic way. Expect candlelit dinners, soft music, and couples nights in the jacuzzi. They are the ultimate romantic and strive to do whatever they can to woo their woman.

Adventure is a Must

Colombian men love adventure. If you’ve ever dated a Colombian man or are considering a potential relationship, you may be aware of their adventurous streak. Colombian men love to try new things and are drawn to excitement and thrills. Whether that means a long night of dancing at the club, a ziplining adventure, or a spontaneous trip to another country, these men love to chase after fun and thrills.

You Should Expect to Attend Sports Events

If you know anything about Latin America, you’ll know that many countries in the region love soccer. Men in Colombia have an even deeper connection to their beloved sport, transcending the adoration other countries may share. CultureTrip expresses Colombia’s soccer obsession completely in case you are wondering what the deal is with the whole event! When dating a Colombian man, expect to attend several sports events.

Your man will take you to every game, discuss every play, and will likely push you to wear merch and hold discussions about different leagues. I hope you like soccer!

They’re Full of Mystery

Colombian men have an essence about them that is a complete enigma to everyone else. Maybe it’s their dark eyes or the slight smirk in their smile. Or perhaps it’s merely that they don’t divulge everything they are thinking and feeling.

This is not to say that Colombian men are secretive. Instead, they are more reserved with their private lives and tend to hold many facts about themselves. That’s what makes them such a mystery to others!

Challenges to Expect When Dating Colombian Man

While the above traits can be very appealing to most women, Colombian men are not perfect. Everyone has their set of flaws, and Columbian men are not exempt from that.

Lack of Punctuality is Their Thing

Perhaps the most significant flaw for Colombian men is their lack of punctuality. While your man may not consider this a weakness, it can be hindering when it comes to meeting sharp deadlines. Dinner reservations, plane rides, and even work can be postponed if the Colombian man doesn’t arrive on time. Most of the time, he doesn’t. According to eDiplomat, you might have to expect at least a thirty minute wait.

While this can be frustrating to the organized and punctual, it can be a welcome experience as well. Often, he is late because he is caught up in living in the moment. He is in no rush to get anywhere and prefers to enjoy the journey more than the destination.

They’re Highly Flirtatious

Colombian men are very flirtatious. Single men tend to woo many women and love to show off to them at parties or other outings. Once dating a Colombian man, you should expect him to continue showing off and wooing other women.

But don’t worry! Colombian men are some of the most loyal men on Earth. While he may love to show off and gain attention from others, it’s purely for fun. Likely, he’s just doing it for the laughter and encouragement others will offer.

You’ll have to be more relaxed and understanding. Jealousy and envy are not a turn-on for Colombian men. They prefer a woman who is confident and trusts that he will remain loyal to her only. Let him have his fun. And remember that he will always come back to you.

Why you Should Date Him

Some people may find those qualities to be a decisive factor in dating a Colombian man. But before you make your decision, you should consider some of his better qualities. Below are some of the best reasons why you should date a Colombian man.

He’s a Gentleman

Above all, a Colombian man is a gentleman. He is the type of guy who enjoys holding open doors for his lady, taking care of her first and foremost, and owning up to his responsibilities in a relationship. He’s chivalrous, courteous, and full of sophistication.

He Loves Spontaneous Dates

Colombian men love adventure and therefore love to go on spontaneous dates. They don’t typically plan many occasions and prefer to take life in the present moment. When dating a Colombian man, expect to go on several dates without any foreknowledge of going on a date. It’s spontaneous, exciting, and often exhibits some of the best experiences of a lifetime.

Colombian men value excitement and prefer to live life on the edge. You can expect your dates to be eccentric and filled with thrills and new experiences. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush that keeps Colombian men wanting more. Either way, he’ll love to experience these moments with you.

He’ll Show you Off

Colombian men are proud of their women and love to show them off. He loves it when you dress up just for him and adores holding your hand in public. A Colombian man wants the world to know that you are his partner. He wants people to see how proud he is to be with you.

Colombian men are far from shy and love to share their experiences with others. He’ll want to show you off to his friends and family in no time.

He’ll Proudly Introduce you to His Friends and Family

Speaking of family, Colombian men are incredibly family-oriented. They often have large families and a wide social circle with friends they’ve known for years. Once you start dating a Colombian man, you should expect to be invited all over town to meet his friends and family.

Expect several double or even triple dates with his friends, late-night parties at a relative’s house, and frequent visits to see his parents. These men love their family and have some of the strongest familial connections around. He’ll want you to be a part of that.

How to Get a Colombian Man to Notice You

If you want to grab the attention of a Colombian man, there are a few ways to go about it.

Be Open to New Experiences

Since the Colombian man loves adventure, it’s essential to be open to new experiences. Let your hair down and take each unique opportunity that comes your way. He’ll be impressed by your excitement and eagerness to join him in his adventures.

To go further, why not offer to bring him on a few excursions of your own? Surprise him with helicopter rides, weekends camping under the stars, or a surprise visit to the comedy club. Show him that you understand his desire to live life to the fullest and bring him on adventures he’ll never forget.

Surprise Him Now and Again

Going along with being open to new experiences, you should aim to surprise him now and again. Don’t stop surprising him with spontaneous dates. You can even surprise him by changing up your look and getting into unique hobbies and pastimes.

To keep your Colombian man excited and engaged, change up your date night look, wear a new and revealing dress, dye your hair, or switch up your makeup. These men love surprises and are excited by change and transformation.

Relax and Go with the Flow

More than anything, when dating a Colombian man, it’s essential to go with the flow. They have a relaxed and passive attitude towards life and enjoy women who share the same outlook. They don’t want to feel forced to do one thing or another, and they don’t appreciate excessive rules and deadlines. Colombian men want to feel like life is one long dream where anything is possible, and time isn’t important.

Try to maintain a go with the flow attitude towards life. Live in the moment and enjoy the ride. There’s no rush to get anywhere, and you may find that you appreciate this relaxed way of living.

Understand Family Comes First

Colombian men are family-men. No matter what, family comes first. You’ll need to understand this when you begin dating your new partner. While you may want to be the center of his world, you need to realize that he has a stronger bond with his family built long before the two of you started dating.

While he will cherish you and remain loyal to you for a long time to come, it’s essential to understand that his unconditional love for his family is also necessary. He will drop everything to ensure their happiness.

When dating a Colombian man, you should invest time to spend with his family and build relationships with them to show your man that you are genuinely involved in his life. Allow him space to spend with his family when needed, and be there for him when he returns to you.

Never Do These Things

Few things can hinder your relationship with a Colombian man. You should be considerate of his feelings but also your best to avoid the following.

Become Jealous

Jealousy is a massive turn-off for Colombian men. They love to spend quality time with their friends and family and may find it unfair if you become jealous that he is spending so much time with them. He won’t understand where you’re coming from and may end the relationship altogether, believing that you are unwilling to let him maintain his other relationships with family and friends.

Similarly, Colombian men don’t like a woman who is jealous of other women. While he may show off at the bar, he trusts that you know without a doubt that he is loyal to you. Jealousy will tell him that you are not confident with yourself and don’t trust his loyalty.

Be Overly Cling

Similar to jealousy, Colombian men don’t like overly clingy women. If you want him to be with you 24/7, he may find the relationship to be suffocating. Colombian men love to go off on adventures. They love to have fun with friends and never like to feel stuck in a relationship.

If you are dating a Colombian man, understand that he needs his own space. He needs time away from the relationship to have fun with friends, be with family, and explore the world. Don’t worry. He’ll always come back to you. And in your time apart, you may find yourself loving the relationship more.

Avoid Adventurous Dates

Since Colombian men are so adventurous, they may find it challenging to date a woman who avoids adventure altogether. If you prefer to be a homebody and do your best to avoid change and excitement, dating a Colombian man may not be the best for you.

Colombian men thrive in relationships where they can share adventurous experiences. Try to be more open to new activities and go with the flow as he does. Whatever you do, try not to avoid the adventurous dates. After all, doing one thing a day that scares you can make life all the more exciting. Right?

Make Fun of His Friends and Family

One of the worst things you could do to a Colombian man is making fun of his friends or family. Family is everything for this man, according to AFSUSA. Any side remark or ill comment could end your relationship. Even if one of his friends or family members gets on your nerves, it’s best to remain silent. Forgive and forget, then move on.

A great way to avoid confrontation is to simply follow the saying, “If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.” This will keep your relationship healthy, and he will respect you all the more.

Act too Serious

Colombian men are laid-back characters who prefer to ride the waves as they come. They aren’t interested in getting caught up in the nitty-gritty of life and like to relax and take life as it is. They live in the present moment and are deterred by plans, schedules, and rules that may hinder their fun.

Try not to be too serious in a relationship with a Colombian man. He wants you to let your hair down, relax, and take life one step at a time. There’s no need for extensive planning or to-do lists. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the experience.

When it comes to dating, it’s best to take it slow and easy at first. Try not to overthink the relationship and don’t pressure him to make the relationship exclusive. Get out of your head and enjoy each moment you spend together. Things will all happen as they are meant to in time.

Final Thoughts on Dating Columbian Men

Dating a Colombian man is an exciting, sensual, and pleasurable experience. He is a family man at heart and an adventurous lover who aims to please. No matter what, he will remain loyal to you through thick and thin and will be sure to take you on many thrilling dates.

Just be sure to keep an open -mind and try new things. Don’t let jealousy cloud your mind, and keep a “go-with-the-flow” attitude. You may find yourself in one of the most exciting and unforgettable relationships of a lifetime!


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